7 Creative Ways to Save Money for a Mission Trip

7 Creative Ways to Save Money for a Mission Trip
June 29, 2017 truthxvision
save money for mission trip

How to Save Money for a Mission Trip


Have you ever said to yourself, if only I had more money, I would donate more or offer more of my time to go on mission trips?


Maybe all you need is a little reframing.


God calls us to be good stewards of what we are given in order that he may bless us with more abundance. Too many times we pray for more blessings, more money, better health, but we are not good stewards with what we have.


The good news is that a little tweaking is all it takes to become an even better steward of what you have.


Here are 7 ways to get started!


  • Pay off your debt. The bible mentions debt many times and it is never in a positive way. Once your debt is paid off, you will have extra money and will be able to build wealth.


  • On that same note, avoid going into debt at all in the future. Consider cash flowing (saving cash to buy all items you need) for the future. Debtors are slaves to the lenders, be truly free in Christ.


  • Consider tithing to be simply returning money to God that was already his and a test of your faith. The bibles challenges everyone to try their hand at this and he will pour out blessings beyond counting from his storehouses.


  • Evaluate your bills. Write down every single fixed monthly expense that you have such as cable, cell phone, care insurance, etc. Consider each bill and decide if you are paying the lowest possible. A simple phone call or second quote can save you thousands a year.


  • Get food expenses down by trying your hand at food preparation. It is easy to rack up giant expenses if you are eating out all the time. A family of four can easily spend $1,000 in no time. There are many awesome videos on YouTube that can teach you how to inexpensively prepare food on Sunday that will last you all week. Try to limit eating out to a couple of times a month and see how soon money grows in your wallet.


save money for mission trip

A good food prep plan will help you save significant time and money!


  • Try a 30 day no spend challenge. There is no better way to cut the cord on impulse buying then trying a challenge designed to teach you how little you actually need. Take 30 days to not buy a single item with the exception of items needed to go to work, school, and eat. Most people are shocked by how much extra money this will result in.


  • Learn how blessed you truly are. There are many documentaries, books, and videos on how little 70% of the world lives on compared to the US. Many countries live on less than $2 per day. If you have a roof over your head, clean water, and food in your belly, you are actually in the minority. If you have luxuries such as a car, fancy gadgets, etc., you are already considered wealthy. A mission trip to Ghana is a perfect way to appreciate all that you have now.


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