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“It’s ridiculous that in a world of WiFi and space exploration, we still see thousands of kids dying every day from preventable, poverty-related diseases.”

– That girl from the coffee shop


“It sure is. That’s why we started building a movement that’s instilling our young people with the dream of ending global poverty in the next 30 years.”

– Kris Asleson, Founder


“That guy above me might look funny, but he’s spot on. Looking at the trends and data, we are truly close to a world void of this senseless struggle.”

– Bill Gates, Thought Leader (paraphrased)


“But why must we engage and mobilize our youth with this poverty problem?”

– Sophisticated, questioning philosopher


“Poverty is not a disease that will be instantly cured in a lab one night. It’s a complex, ongoing issue that will take focused generation to eliminate.”

– Scientist glowing with brilliance


“Hmm, that sounds kinda cool. And I know cool. But what are you actually doing to make a difference?”

– Cool hipster is very cool


At Truth x Vision, we empower local leaders to build their own communities through innovative, sustainable projects.”

– Eric Boateng, Program Manager


“Sign me up! I’m ready to fight some poverty!”

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